Nature Bracelet Poetry

Nature Bracelet Poetry

In September our Saturday Science workshops began with Environments that Invite Science. Designed for K-1 teachers who want to create a ‘science friendly’ atmosphere for wonder and learning integrating language arts, writing and math. Using the book Starting with Science by Marcia Edson from Boston University.

Workshops in 2015

January 10, 2015
Experience The Magic of Inquiry with Explora!!!

Exciting Professional Presenters from Explora in Albuquerque will guide us with the Mystery Shoebox and activities to apply inquiry to rich content areas of the curriculum…Acids and Bases for grades 3-8.

February 7, 2015
AIMS Science – K-2 Teachers

Physical Science activities/lessons to help teachers further their own scientific backgrounds with hands-on/inquiry based science experiences to use in the classroom.
Instructor: Susan Benjamin

March 7, 2015
Science and Art II: Further Investigations – Elementary Teachers

New hands-on activities will complement the ones we introduced in previous workshops, incorporating math and literacy extensions. No art or science experience necessary! Teachers will make and take home ideas and finished projects to integrate art and science in your elementary classroom.
Instructors: Anne Weaver and Susan Benjamin

Register for these workshops on the MLP website with the SFPS.
Teachers will be paid for 3 hours for attending Saturday Science and 2 hours for After School Science.

All workshops will be on Saturday from 9-12:00 @ Acequia Madre Elementary in the Multipurpose room.