Saturday Science 2019-2020

Santa Fe Public Schools in collaboration with Santa Fe Science Initiative

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Teachers will be paid for 3 hours for attending Saturday Science.

Location: Mandela International Magnet School – 1604 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe
Time: Coffee & Conversation 8:30 a.m. Workshops begin promptly 9:00 – 12:00.

October 5
“Weeds and Seeds” Gr K-4
Workshop @ The Santa Fe Botanical Gardens – 715 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe
Learning science through nature can be as simple as walking out your back door. Visit the Santa Fe Botanical Garden and explore some engaging and inexpensive ways of teaching science through weeds and seeds. Better understand the processes of seed germination and dispersal. All activities and objectives linked to New Mexico STEM Ready! Standards
Instructor : Mollie Parsons – Educator at Santa Fe Botanical Garden

November 9
“Science Literacy – Reading & Writing” Gr K-6
Using Life Science non-fiction text, participants will learn strategies to increase students’ comprehension when navigating science and expository text – its structures and format; and to use those structures and formats as a model for their own expository writing. Strategies appropriate for the needs of ELL students. Content aligned with New Mexico Common Core and New Mexico’s STEM Ready! Standards.
Instructor: Diane Garber- Educator and ELA Consultant

January 11
“Patterns in Nature” Gr K-6
This workshop is designed to help educators focus on the patterns of living organisms. We will strive to answer the question: ‘How do structures of living organisms enable life’s FUNCTIONS!
Instructors: Mary Howard and Joan Shandler

February 8
“Literature based Math Problem Solving” Gr 3 – 6
Participants will experience and create math problem solving lessons that are based on fiction literature. This hands -on workshop will encourage creativity and fun as well as connections between literature and mathematics. Problem solving process skills will be linked to NCTM standards and New Mexico Common Core.
Instructor: Susan Benjamin – AIMS Trainer

March 28
“Heredity and Variation of Traits” Gr 3 – 6
This workshop will focus on heredity, specifically the inheritance and variation of traits, which is one of the core life science ideas found in the New Mexico STEM Ready! Standards. This workshop will be aligned to these core ideas
Instructors: Diane Catron and Erin Gaddis

April – “TBA”

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NEW email: santafescience tel: 505-231-0493