Saturday Science 2020-2021

Santa Fe Public Schools in collaboration with Santa Fe Science Initiative

REGISTER for these workshops on OPEN ACCESS with the SFPS. After we confirm your registration on Open Access, you will receive an invitation via email one week before the workshop.

Location: In response to COVID-19, our workshops will be presented on Zoom.
Time: All workshops will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and end at 12:00 noon.

October 03
“Exploring Our Neighborhood Habitats, Guided Remote Ecosystem Explorations” Gr K-4
Learning science through nature can be as simple as walking out your back door. All activities and objectives linked to New Mexico STEM Ready! Standards
Instructor: Mollie Parsons – Educator, Cerise Consulting
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November 14
“Science Literacy – Reading with Non-Fiction Text” Gr K-6
Exploring Life Science with non-fiction text, reading & writing strategies to support and enhance students’ comprehension by understanding text structures and formats. Strategies appropriate for the needs of ELL students.
Instructor: Diane Garber – Educator and ELA Consultant

January 23
“Santa Fe Geology, Rocks are a Time Machine” Gr K-6
Explore the patterns and attributes of rocks found in the landscape around you, and how this tells the geological story of New Mexico.
Instructors: Mollie Parsons – Educator, Cerise Consulting

February 20
“Science Literacy – Six Trait Writing” Gr K-6
Develop and enhance your students’ writing on science topics and non-fiction formats. Process writing and the structures and strategies of Six-Trait writing will guide this workshop, along with activities developed for you to use with your students.

March 27
“The Lives of Bees – Pollination and Your Garden” Gr K-6
Exploring the world of bees and how they make our gardens come alive.
Instructors: Olivia Messinger-Carril – Educator / SFSI Consultant

April 10
“What’s Inside of a Seed” Gr K-6
Explore what is going on inside that unassuming little seed!
Instructors: Mollie Parsons – Educator, Cerise Consulting

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