Highlights of Saturday Science 2019-2020

October 5 – “Weeds & Seeds” at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden

“It was wonderful that simple, cheap activities were demonstrated and show how to take big, heavy concepts and pull them apart for young children to understand. “I loved that we got to spend time outside and see how to implement with the students. The balance between indoor and outdoor was great! Thank you so much! 

“Hands-on excellent! Walking away with activities I can use right away. Thank you for grade-level specific/standard aligned activities. Great setting! Knowledgable instructor! Thank You!!”


November 9 – “Science Literacy: Reading & Writing”

Continued support from SFSI makes me feel valued as a professional and a member of a professional learning community. Thank you”

“Everything was wonderful as usual. It was so valuable to remember (be reminded) how to begin with pre-writing! That’s the element that’s missing and so important! I wondered why my 4th graders are having trouble, I haven’t taught pre-writing! Everything was wonderful! All the materials, etc! Also, I will utilize the lesson plan we created next week. Thanks for everything!”

“I appreciated Diane’s preparedness and knowledge of this topic. I find it refreshing that a presenter has actually tried the things that they are teaching us! I wanted more focus as a goal and I know I now have it! I also appreciated the time to do some lesson planning. Area of growth: How to do internet searches for kids.”

January 11 – “Patterns in Nature”

Were the goals of the workshop met? Please explain or give an example.
“Yes, Goals were met. The ability to take the goals of the class and seamlessly integrate is so valuable. These are turn-key concepts and activities.”

​What investigations will you be able to integrate into your classroom science activities?
“All of them, I was especially appreciative of the patterns with Legos, Symmetry and the seed activity.”
“The activity on symmetry, the leaf rubbing and seed dispersal are perfect for the science kit that was recently integrated for third grade.”

February 9 – “Literature-based Math Problem Solving”

In what ways did the lessons engage you as a learner?
“Made me connect with math and real-life.”
“Creating all the wonderful stories and experience sharing with other teachers in the district.”
“It reminded me to use literature when doing math lessons.  The activities were very meaningful.”
“Remembering the difference in the development of one student in my class and how these hands-on activities would be so great.”