Additional Teacher and Classroom Resources

Here are a series of excellent videos which exemplify our commitment to share resources that are able to make complex scientific concepts easier to understand.

The Golden Apple Foundation

Visit where there are a number of free and low cost opportunities for Professional Development for all New Mexico teachers in grades K-8.

Two excellent series are:

-Let’s Do Science with Stephanie Walstrom ( K-3)

-Fostering Mathematical Thinking in Early Years with Stephanie Walstrom (Pre-K-2)

STEAM At Work 4 Kids

Sharon Sivinski, Albuquerque Educator in grades 1-14, created an Education Program for students with Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority.

In 2020, Sharon built a website: www.STEAMatWork4Kids, to give 5th, 6th and 7th grade kids a first hand look at people doing science.

The Institute of Applied Ecology

Bob Sivinski, retired Biologist and co-leader of SFSI “Seed Walk” workshop in September 2023 recommended the following video for grades 5-7, “From Ponderosa to Prickly Pear” from The Institute of Applied Ecology.

Download it from their website at