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Saturday Science 2023-2024

In association with the Santa Fe Public Schools, we are offering 6 monthly Saturday Science workshops for K-8 teachers in 2022-2023.

“Nurturing the art of doing science and promoting scientific literacy in the schools of Northern New Mexico”

At a Glance

  • Inspiring teachers with innovative professional development and classroom support since 2001
  • We have a unique staff of professional, K-12 educators
  • The comprehensive resource library has moved to the Desert Sage Supply Room with the Santa Fe Public Schools. For information please contact:
  • We encourage strategies to integrate science with math, language arts, and art while aligning with New Mexico Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Annual participation in SFSI programs: 125 teachers impacting over 3000 students

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What We Do

SFSI’s highly qualified educators lead monthly Saturday Science Workshops, teach the annual Summer Science Week and offer one-on-one mentoring for teachers. In addition, our comprehensive resource library provides educators with classroom materials and nationally¬≠ recognized science kits.

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Saturday Science 2023-2024

In association with the Santa Fe Public Schools, the Santa Fe Science Initiative is offering 6 monthly Saturday Science workshops starting in Septemeber. The workshops are for K-12 educators.

Sept 30 – Seed Walk

Nov 11 – Science Literacy

Jan 27 – Schoolyard Birding

Feb 10 – Bring Biology to Life in the Dead of Winter

March 2 – Getting Your Little Feet Wet

April 13 – Calder Art: Movement & Balance

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Santa Fe Science Initiative thanks the following organizations for their past and current contributions.

Donor Advised Grants, Steve Thompson & Anne Weaver

Los Alamos National Laboratory Community Programs