Summer Science 2019

Making Sense of Science ‘Systems’ – June 24-28, 2019

Saturday Science 2019-2020

Register for these workshops on OPEN ACCESS with the Santa Fe Public Schools. Beginning October 5 with “Weeds and Seeds”

“Nurturing the art of doing science and promoting scientific literacy in the schools of Northern New Mexico”

At a Glance

  • Inspiring teachers with innovative professional development and classroom support since 2001
  • We have a unique staff of nine professional, K-12 educators
  • SFSI maintains a comprehensive resource library for educators with nationally recognized classroom materials
  • We encourage strategies to integrate science with math, language arts, and art while aligning with New Mexico Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Annual participation in SFSI programs: 125 teachers impacting over 3000 students

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What We Do

SFSI’s 9 highly qualified educators lead monthly Saturday Science Workshops, teach the annual Summer Science Week and offer one-on-one mentoring for teachers. In addition, our comprehensive resource library provides educators with classroom materials and nationally¬≠ recognized science kits.

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Saturday Science 2019-2020

Six workshops on Saturday mornings throughout 2019-2020. All content is aligned with New Mexico STEM Ready! Standards.

Oct 5 – Weeds and Seeds

Nov 9 – Science Literacy – Reading & Writing

Jan 11 – Patterns in Nature

Feb 8 – Literature-based Math Problem Solving

March 28 – Heredity and Variation of Traits

April – TBA

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Santa Fe Science Initiative thanks the following organizations for their past and current contributions.

The TW Family Fund, The Ruth Anne Norris Education Endowment Fund and The Buckman Family Fund

Los Alamos National Laboratory Community Programs