Saturday Science Workshops 2022-2023

Location:  This year our workshops will include both in person and zoom session.

Confirm your registration at the links below.  You will receive an invitation via email one week before the workshop.                     

All workshops will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and end at 12:00 noon.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact SFSI (Susan McIntosh) at:
tel: 505-231-0493

October 01    
In Person at Randall Davey Audubon Center

“Native Pollinators of New Mexico”                             Gr K-6

Read the Native Pollinators Flyer >

Explore samples of insects, especially pollinators, and the plants that they visit. Investigate the pollination process through observation and documentation, modeling, and hands-on exploration.
Instructor: Olivia Messinger-Carril – Educator / SFSI Consultant

November 05  
Zoom Workshop

“A Close Look at Seeds”                                             Gr K-6

Explore what is going on inside that unassuming little seed!  Learning science through nature can be as simple as walking out your back door. Lots of ideas to build students’ understanding of the processes of seed germination & dispersal.

Instructor: Mollie Parsons – Educator, Cerise Consulting

January 21   
Zoom Workshop

“Schoolyard Birding”                                             Gr K-6

Learn about some of the common bird species found in Santa Fe, how to identify and observe birds at home and at school and collect and use observational data in your classroom.

Instructor: Katie Weeks –  Director of Education, Audubon Southwest

February 11 
Zoom Workshop

“Project Wet – Building a Water Sustainable Future”    Gr 3-6

Project Wet provides action and science-oriented water education using diverse water topics to enable educators to teach children through objective, experiential activities that support a water sustainable future.

Instructor: Julie Hasty – Director of Education, Santa Fe Watershed Association

March 04
Zoom Workshop

“Science Literacy – Life Science Phenomenon through Visualization and Writing”                        Gr K-8

Enhance students’ understanding of science concepts and phenomenon through the development of observation, descriptive language and visualization.

Instructor: Diane Garber- Educator and ELA Consultant


April – TBA