Saturday Science Workshops 2023-2024

Location:  This year our workshops will include both in person and zoom session.

Confirm your registration at the links below.  You will receive an invitation via email one week before the workshop.                     

All workshops will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and end at 12:00 noon.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact SFSI (Susan McIntosh) at:
tel: 505-231-0493

September 30 – In Person

“Seed Walk”

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Gr K-12

Take a walk with Bob Sivinski, former state botanist, and Mollie Parsons, environmental educator, to learn about the plants in our region and their seeds. This class will focus on plant identification and how botany can be inexpensively incorporated into your classroom. Expect to walk and be outside for three hours.

Instructors: Mollie Parsons– Educator, Cerise Consulting

Bob Sivinski – Botanist

November 11 – Zoom

“Science Literacy – Engaging Kids with Non-Fiction”

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Gr K-6

Engaging students with Non-Fiction text – developing a researcher’s workshop approach to excite & engage

kids with independent investigation on non-fiction topics culminating with a variety of written & graphic formats

to show what has been learned.

Instructor: Diane Garber- Educator and ELA Consultant

January 27 – Zoom

“Schoolyard Birding”

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Gr K-6

Enjoy learning about common birds with simple observation and identification activities. Explore inquiry

activities from habitat to feeders. Find new ways to use observational data and contribute to community

science in your classroom.

Instructor: Katie Weeks – Director of Education, Audubon Southwest

February 10 – In Person

“Bring Biology to Life in the Dead of Winter”

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Gr K-8

Olivia Carril will explore cross-cutting lessons that engage learners in K-8 about the natural world

when it is too cold for bird-watching, too early to grow a garden, and the ground is too frozen for earthworms.

Instructor: Olivia Messinger-Carril – Educator / SFSI Consultant

March 02 – In Person

“Getting Little Feet Wet – Project Wet”

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Gr Pk-2

This workshop provides action and science-focused water education using diverse water topics to

inspire educators to teach young children through objective, experiential activities that support a

water sustainable future.

Instructor: Julie Hasty – Director of Education, Santa Fe Watershed Association

April 13 – In Person

“Calder Art: Movement and Balance”

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Gr K-12

Explore how art, science, and math are interconnected in this hands-on mobile and stabile workshop

focused on Calder and his kinetic art.

Instructors: Mollie Parsons– Educator, Cerise Consulting

Melissa Merritt – Artist and Art Teacher